Lough Gur Visitor Centre & Lakeshore Park

Lough Gur is a scenic, natural & tranquil location to relax, unwind and enjoy. Within the 20 acre amenity lakeshore park at Lough Gur you will find a hillside visitor centre & exhibition area along with an impressive playground overlooking Limerick’s only natural lake of significance.

Lough Gur is a site of international significance due to its rich natural environment and abundance of impressive pre-historic archaeological monuments. It is protected by the Irish State for these reasons. The first people once came to Lough Gur over 9,000 years ago for the rich fertile land, expansive lake waters, protection from the three rising hills that surround it and for the extreme beauty of the immediate area. We invite you to visit with us today and take the opportunity to connect with the people of Lough Gur through the mesmerising stories told by our local guides. We invite you to visit with us to experience the only site in Ireland where you can authentically experience every age of humankind from Stone Age time to the present. Lough Gur’s landscape boasts over 2,000 ancient monuments in a 5km radius, including Ireland’s oldest and largest stone circle. The lake of Lough Gur is Limerick’s only natural lake of significance situated between the dramatic rise of three hills in rural South East Limerick, 21kms from Limerick City. When you visit with us you will enjoy your time ambling through Lough Gur Lakeshore Park and Visitor Centre.

Key highlights of experiences at Lough Gur include:

  • ❖ Visit to the scenic grounds of Lough Gur Lakeshore Park by Limerick’s only natural lake of significance.
  • ❖ Entry to Lough Gur lakeview Visitor Centre to explore the area’s rich heritage.
  • ❖ Access to historical sites of international significance.
  • ❖ Meet local tour guides who will offer you the option of a one to one or self-guided tour.
  • ❖ Learn about the daily routines of the first lakeshore inhabitants.
  • ❖ Roam freely, without barriers, through Ireland’s largest and oldest stone circle in Ireland.
  • ❖ Enjoy Lough Gur’s tranquillity as a protected nature sanctuary.
  • ❖ Water activities including paddle boarding and ecological kayaking tours.
  • ❖ As a protected conservation site, there is limited availability. This is part of our exclusive appeal!
  • ❖ Lough Gur is family friendly. On site you will find a lakeview playground and elevated outdoor seating areas, fairy trail and a native Irish tree trail.
  • ❖ Close proximity to Limerick City and the Ballyhoura region.

Lough Gur Visitor Centre & Lakeshore Park
Lough Gur
County Limerick
V35 ED96

Summer opening times:
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Winter opening times:
Monday to Friday: 10am to 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 4pm

Email: info@loughgur.com
Phone: 061 385186
Website: loughgur.com

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